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Concrete Growth

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Sometimes we get so far in life never being checked or corrected just to find out that we were planted too close to the concrete. 

Seemingly forced to fight through the cement, the battle becomes harder.  And with every aging moment, the desperation to grow larger is evident. 

Why didn’t anyone notice? 

Why didn’t they just come back and dig me out? Placing me in a flourishing field, where I could freely grow. 

Why was I forced to remain in a space that needed to be broken up, just to get through? 

Like the baby bird hatching from its nest, they say the fight to break free is needed to strengthen it for survival. 

Maybe it should’ve happened. Maybe it was the correct way. 

Who's to say that the placement of my roots, so close to the concrete, wasn't a part of God’s perfect plan? Either way, without the hardships or the trials, the cloudy days and the weary nights, how would you know the difference between the dark and the light, the day and the night, the wrong versus the right?

So I Simply Say... Today, let's  pray. God, Let my feet be planted in healthy soil. Make my pathway not too easy to forget you, but easy enough not to throw in the towel. And with every test, let it strengthen me for the next. 

In Jesus Name. Amen.

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Tiwannia Bryant
Tiwannia Bryant
Jun 25, 2020

I Love Concrete Growth. Sometimes life can make it seem as if you you're planted on space the seems impossible to break through. BUT GOD!!❤


Tiwannia Bryant
Tiwannia Bryant
Jun 25, 2020


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