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I Love Fresh Flowers!

Normally my husband purchases fresh flowers for me and places them on the kitchen counter top . One, because I absolutely love fresh flowers. Two, they make for beautiful decor.

One day, while maneuvering around the home, I noticed that the flowers were dying. They were slumped over, changing colors, and hardening. So of course I began looking around and wondering if my husband noticed the flowers and if my new ones were on the way.

In the mean time, due to COVID-19 spreading widely everywhere, I decided to purchase air purifiers and place them throughout the rooms of the home. With one being positioned near the dying flowers on the countertop.

The following day, my husband directed my attention towards the flowers. Miraculously, they were now standing.

Now, I tell this joke quite often as I know many others do as well, “a Christian can make a sermon out of anything!” But this time I’ve realized…

The beauty of Christianity, is the ability to take reality to help build one another spiritually. And in this case, ponder this thought with me:

If you can remove the negativity from around a flower and it rises, could you believe the same can be true for you?

Notice, The appearance of the flower did not change, but its position did.

Simply Jamika

So I Simply Say, be you!
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