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See You At The Top

As a kid I’ve done some crazy things. Racing down the streets of Castlebar Circle barefooted, outrunning all the boys on the block who dared to race me. I was a cheerleader for 4 years. At one time being placed on the top of a pyramid stunt, until I realized I had some trust issues and that height wasn’t for me. I also remember being on the back of a truck and falling off having my bottom teeth pierce through my lower lip requiring a few stitches. And that time I was riding in another truck with a relative and decided to lean on the door (that I obviously didn’t close properly), I fell out scraping my nose on the road while watching a red truck slam on brakes to avoid running over me. Oh and let’s not forget the 2 c-sections. Having one cut reopen and cause an infection while the other time the intern couldn’t seem to place the catheter in correctly causing a staph infection.

But today was the day. Who would’ve thought that I would meet my match on the morning I decided to take my children to school. I walked to the car with socks on, knowing my shoes were on the passenger side floor. I maneuvered around the car door avoiding connecting with the wet grass and my cotton socks and slid into the car. Without closing the door I sat comfortably in the driver's seat and placed my left foot securely on the jam of the doorway. All of a sudden there was a hard slam, loud bang and excruciating pain. I fought to push the door back while realizing it was shut tight, trying to remove my body and locate the handle at the same time. Finally, it was open and there was relief, but not before the snap. I began my drive, as the pain grew stronger I held my composure. The kids departed, we exchanged “I love yous and have a great day” and I was on my way to Urgent Care. It was confirmed, defeat had come. At the age of 36years old, the unthinkable had become reality.

I broke a bone in my pinky toe y’all and it hurt. Now I have a boot on my foot and a limp when I walk. I’m glad my feet are cute and my toes polished.

Y’all have a good day now and watch them car doors. 😢🤣

So I Simply Say… Write, read and laugh A LOT. Because life throws many obstacles your way and regardless of how many you hit or miss, your reaction scores the win.

See you at the top☺️

Siss Be You❤️

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