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Shine Through Sunlight

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Ever saw that light that had the audacity to get passed your curtains?

But the label said, blackout. 

I’m guessing that means turning your back to the light and your front to the black, only expecting to see darkness. 

How dare you,

Step into a room that you’re not welcomed in?

How dare you,

Turn from the lies of saying you can’t stand,

And all you’ll do is carry a gun in your hand?

Son, you know you’ll be 6 feet under or locked in a jail cell,

Because you’re just like your daddy from what I can tell.

From the way you blink your eyes,

The way your legs move when you stride,

Oh yea, 

You never met, 

But, I can tell he left you, right where he was at. 

By the age of 15 you’ll be hooked on drugs and in somebody's gang,

You’re a nothing, a nobody, how dare you think you can change? 

Young lady, I knew your mother. 

She was pregnant at 14, and had 4 kids by 21, 

So I laugh when you say you're the one.

Don’t you remember, 

You’re destined for failure, it runs through your blood. 

You see your sister, she’s 19 with her 3rd child and she’s on Hud. 

So I implore you to listen

Youth, fall in position! 

Rise like an army with sure victory,

Yes! The odds are stacked against you,

But so were the slave masters that once hung us by our necks, 

And we laid them to rest.

Rise like our ancestors that were told that they had to stand at the back of the bus, And just because of their color they were treated like dust. 

Blackout curtains, you say? 

Designed to reduce the chances of sunlight entering your home and increase the chances of the darkness remaining.

But Wait, 

Do you see that light? 

That’s me!

Standing like David ready to defeat the Philistine Army

With the odds stacked against thee, 

But, I’m sure my God is the real OG.

Knowing that, 

I hold this slingshot in my hand, 

I only have one chance.

So I take the failures of my daddy

Combined with the failures of my mother 

Adding on the negative words that have been spoken over me,

To form the hardest stone. 

Holding it sturdy in my left hand, 

Using all power within my right, I pull back.

My heart is racing, my head is pounding, my palms begin to sweat.

I have one shot and I won’t fail.

I release, 

Through the darkest of day I‘m determined to shine bright,

So I silence everything that resembles fright.

Hey, ever saw that light that had the audacity to get passed the curtains?

That’s me.

So I Simply Say… Today, what “they” said you couldn’t do, Simply DO IT!

Shine Through Sunlight. 

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